So, learning a new version and platform can be challenging but I think I am making some progress.  The first iteration of the website was all me writing code or creating pages from scratch.  It worked, and it was really the only option in a pre-Facebook world.  But as Facebook because the main way to post and communicate, I let the website slide.  But now Facebook is getting to be an increasing hostile place to hang out and frankly, all I want to do is get some news out from time to time.  So, we'll see how this new site works out.  It's still me and it's running on my own hardware but it should be better.  At some point I'll add the ability to "Like" and even comment on some pages.  But right now as I get my feet wet, I am taking it one step at a time.

It's actually been kind of fun to rebuild the site because I have been revisiting things that are sometimes decades old.  I hope you enjoy the "throwback" as well.

New Website

Happy New Year 2020

At long last, I finally got around to creating a new website. These updates typically come during the time when I am not doing my regular IT job: Working on websites!  So, it's just me doing the same thing for a different reason.  This website is a bit more flexible so I should be able to maintain it more than just once a decade...